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Who is behind the scenes of business backstage?

Ursula Dauenhauer, founder of Business Backstage Pty Ltd, works with leadership teams of B2B organisations who look for fresh thinking, structure and processes to define a growth strategy and lift the revenue performance across customer facing functions, or want to go further and look for Blue Ocean Strategy facilitation to drive innovation initiatives.

She has more than 13 years consulting experience as well as 15 years’ practitioner experience in high value IT and complex solution markets, and held various marketing and sales positions with organisations like IBM and Xerox in Europe and Australia.

Ursula has been working with leadership teams of more than 95 Australian small-medium sized organisations. Her frontline, hands-on experience gives Ursula the bases for her depth and breadth, bridging the gaps between sales & marketing, strategy & implementation, process & people.

After exiting corporate life 11 years ago, Ursula added to her tertiary qualification in Marketing Management (MGSM) new skill sets with counselling/communications training at the Australian College for Applied Psychology. In parallel, she studied for 10 years drama and acting techniques which allows her to melt the art with the science of sales and marketing into her unique approach. Her facilitation style is direct and disciplined, her approach both analytical and creative.        

She worked with companies including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle ecosystems and many independent mid-sized organisations across a wide spectrum such as Milestone Group, Gratex International, Wunderman Bienalto, Acxiom, Holocentric, Grosvenor Engineering, Cohort, and GuildLink.

“I founded Business Backstage for leaders who want to cut through the crap and  make things happen.   I work only with ethical organisations and don’t support unjust strategic intent. I equally believe in structure and process, as the power of creativity,  intuition and systemic thinking. I work closely with my clients, and while become part of the team, I remain “agenda-less” and focused on the outcome. I relish a challenge, and love to make a difference. Integrity is my guiding light.” Ursula D.


Ursula Dauenhauer

Qualifications & Experience

  • Master of Marketing Management (Macquarie Graduate School of Management)
  • Certified Blue Ocean Strategy Consultant (Blue Ocean Strategy Australia)
  • Graduate Diploma Counselling/Coaching (Australian College for Applied Psychology)
  • “Systemic Constellation” practitioner (diagnostic and solution development method)
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner
  • SPIN certified trainer (Huthwaite Research)
  • Strategic marketing practitioner ( IBM Market Manager, Information Management)
  • Consultative solution selling experience  in complex data management solutions (software and service) (IBM, Xerox)
  • Transactional product selling experience in hyper-competition office equipment market (Nashua/Ricoh)
  • Greenfield and market entry experience in disruptive technologies
  • Corporate Role-play design for sales scenarios, extensive acting training and experience