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Paul Rooke on Blue Ocean Strategy

Paul Rooke, CEO of Lexmark talks about Blue Ocean Strategy at an AIIA executive luncheon sponsored by Business Backstage and Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

It was great to hear Paul Rooke share his Blue Ocean Strategy story with a small number of executives during an exclusive AIIA luncheon.

As a CEO who believes in the quality of his people, he chose the BOS methodology to virtually re-invent the company. He recognised that traditional marketing thinking would take them outside the nine dots. As in any BOS projects, the magic happens when the fieldwork teams win new insights into customer behaviour and needs.

The premise holds true “you don’t outsource your eyes”. At the same time this process fosters internal stakeholder buy-in, commitment and support.  Innovation can’t be outsourced – it’s so much stronger when it comes from “within”. We were proud sponsor – many thanks to the AIIA to make this happen!! If you are an AIIA member – please contact me for a free intro session to the tools and framework. (Oct 2012)

Ursula Dauenhauer founded business backstage pty ltd in 2011. She has more than 10 year consulting experience as well as 15 years’ practitioner experience in high value IT and complex solution markets. She held various marketing and sales positions with organisations like IBM and Xerox in Germany, UK and Australia.