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We give leaders of medium sized IT organisations and their senior management team more than fancy “consulting-theory” and PowerPoint slides. We get our hands dirty, and we hold ourselves accountable for outcomes. We make an effort to really understand your business and dig deep to diagnose the real issues and how we can move the needle. We “say it as it is”, challenge established thinking and take great care to tailor the right strategy for our clients. Then we help to implement the strategy and assure things stay on track with appropriate change management.  We take your business’ success personal.


“Unlike many consultants or contractors Ursula was very much “hands-on” throughout the whole process, owning it and accepting full accountability and responsibility for it’s success (or otherwise). From my perspective this was indeed refreshing from the approach taken by many consultants whom I have engaged historically where the focus has been on the high-level strategic component solely.” Ross Gallagher, CEO, GuildLink Pty Ltd

The task on hand will determine how we best work together, you can count on our flexibility to find the right commercial framework:  Ad hoc services (Time & Material), Project based (fixed scope & fee), Interim Executive (Fix term part time contracts)

B2B Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)

To generate new demand in new markets, traditional marketing thinking doesn’t challenge sufficiently the status quo of a mature industry. The pursuit of “Best Practise” keeps us in the same old competitive playground and drives markets into commoditisation.

Customer centric Value Innovation is about leaving this “red ocean” of fierce competition, and create new revenue streams outside the nine dots. Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) offers a repeatable pathway that de-risks innovation. It is the only methodology recognised by Harvard  for both, Innovation and Change Management. The strategy development process has execution planning in-built.

In fact, innovation can become part of your cultural fabric. The methodology can also validate existing ideas floating in your business for their viability.

Does your business experience any of the following symptoms?

  • The market is facing commoditisation and your business is stuck in the “me-too” trap
  • Sales results suffer from eroding profits and price wars
  • Your industry is changing and you need to re-invent yourself
  • You think you have a great idea but need to validate it for commercial viability

Blue Ocean Strategy doesn’t simply propose emulating what successful companies have done, but encoded the process leading to strategic moves that allowed these companies to create new demand. Ursula Dauenhauer, Director of Business Backstage, is the only Sydney based accredited consultant of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia and has been applying the methodology for over 7 years.

Contact Ursula on 0401 147 493 if you would like to learn more. Genuine enquiries qualify for  a free 90 min  introductory workshop.

“Companies have long engaged in head-to-head competition in search of profitable growth, but today, competing head-on often results in nothing but a bloody ‘red ocean’ of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool. Blue Ocean Strategy contends that although most companies compete in these red oceans, this strategy is unlikely to create strong profitable growth in the future. We believe that tomorrow’s leading companies will succeed not by battling competitors but by creating ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested market space. These strategic moves – termed ‘value innovation’- create leaps in value both for the firm and for buyers, creating all new demand.” (Blue Ocean Strategy excerpt)


B2B Go To Market (GTM) Strategies

If your business needs to adjust to market changes, deal with growing pains or  launch new products and services it is critical to develop a robust Go-To-Market (GTM) plan that is tailored to your objectives and in context of market conditions.

Our comprehensive approach reaches from market positioning through to well-designed customer experience cycles across all channels and functions. We develop the most effective sales/marketing coverage model that is aligned with performance objectives. A structured pathway, facilitated by Business Backstage, helps your leadership team to align product development, operations, sales and marketing to engage successfully with customers.

Go to Market Plan components:

  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Value Proposition development and testing
  • Competitive positioning and differentiation
  • Market analysis and target market selection
  • Buyer Persona development and sales approach
  • Core messaging for marketing and sales
  • Sales channel structure and enablement needs
  • Customer Enagement Frameworks

Effective GTM strategies focus on three things: clarity on customer value creation, competitive market positioning and robust sales and marketing processes. Solid GTM Strategies bridge the gap between product management/marketing (“this is why we are the best”) and the customer experience cycle (“why should I care about this”). GTM plans need to work the dynamics of the target market, understand the buyer personas  and leverage your differentiators. They need to give answers to the hard “why”-questions.

Field enablement across your sales and marketing channels is key success factor. All the planning fails if execution is not enabled well. A set of power point slides and a brochure will achieve nothing.  A GTM strategy worth anything needs to consider how you will give your staff the skills and tools they require to do their job.

If you would like to explore how your Go To Market strategy can be improved, contact Ursula on 0401 147 493. Genuine enquiries qualify for a free 90 min workshop assessing your current situation.

B2B Revenue Optimisation

B2B direct sales have become more challenging than ever. In a digital world, Sales Models need to be reviewed to assure that revenue streams are optimised and forecasts reliable. The pressure on Cost Of Sales (COS) in traditional direct face to face models requires new ways of thinking to keep cost down while maintaining strong relationships with customers.

The two hot spots in the technology markets:

-Empowered and educated buyers either don’t engage sales at all, or much later in the sales cycle. In a world where revenue is driven by subscription, your customer’s loyalty has to be earned again and again. Operational focus is shifting to  retention and loyalty, which means change and ongoing tuning across sales, marketing and support functions to deliver a competitive customer experience.

-High value direct sales need to deal with educated and demanding “committee buyers”. The times where one decision and one signature was needed to close a deal are well and truly over. This means buyer personas, broader account coverage and pro-active management of relationship dynamics are crucial.

In line with your overall strategy, Business Backstage develops the most effective sales/marketing structure and then applies a process modelling approach to define the customer experience stages as well as the important touch points and actions that need to take place to achieve optimum conversion. The tailored Customer Engagement Process provides a repeatable model for your sales/marketing functions. It serves as foundation to scale operations and deliver more predictable results.


Business Backstage 3 point approach:

  1. First we gain clarity on what your competitive differentiators are, and how they align with buyer personas. The value proposition and messaging is then tailored for digital marketing communication and sales dialogue.
  2. Then we model the customer experience cycle based on your success stories. The process defines a flow of activities, content requirements and checkpoints. It becomes the blue-print and generates at the same time great stories for internal and external use.
  3. Finally, the structure can be defined and the right people can be aligned with right roles. Now, the role specific competencies and narrative can  be trained and practised. Scenario role-plays are great to turn theory into powerful practice.

If your business applies the wrong model for revenue generating activities and doesn’t focus resources correctly, a lot of money and effort is wasted. There is never one size that fits all – depending on how mature your business is, and where your revenue potential is, the model varies.

To see how Business Backstage goes about Revenue Optimisation and what’s in it for you, contact Ursula on 0401 147 493 to book your free 90 min. workshop (terms and conditions apply).