Hi, I am Ursula

I integrate the creative and intuitive with the analytical for holistic, balanced insights about business dynamics.

As facilitator of Systemic Business Constellations I support leaders toward authentic, successful business leadership or with their personal objectives. 


  • 30+ years  business experience, specifically Go To Market strategies
  • Deep experience in technology centric markets and its dynamics.
  • 20 years background with systemic constellations for personal insights and in support of my consulting work.
  • Founder of sister company Go To Market Consulting to provide process and analysis based consulting and advisory services
Ursula Dauenhauer

Welcome to Business Backstage, where I’ve been dedicated to supporting the growth and alignment of medium-sized  companies since 2011 as consultant, interim executive and now as facilitator of Systemic Business Constellations. which allow me to support entrepreneurs or  C-level executives to look behind the scenes and gain deeper insights into systemic driving forces.

For leader who look for a more analytical, process driven approach for performance improvment, I continue to provide bespoke consulting and advisory services via my  Go To Market Consulting pratice. Of course, I can integrate the two approaches for you.

Starting in retail, I transitioned into corporate sales and marketing roles with tech industry giants of their time like Xerox and IBM.

I honed my skills and learned a lot about market and organisational dynamics before venturing into entrepreneurship as a co-founder of Go-To-Market Pty Ltd, a boutique lead generation marketing agency. After seven years I exited the business to focus on 1:1 consulting services, where I have had the privilege to  collaborate with exceptional CEOs and leadership teams. I was fortunate to work across a wide spectrum of business models across more than 110  medium-sized organizations.

My journey spans continents, beginning in Germany, my homeland, then extending to the UK, and finally, for the past 27 years, in Australia.

Life’s twists and turns prompted a re-evaluation, leading me to embrace systemic constellations and similar modalities  to navigate personal challenges. Over two decades, systemic constellations consistently revealed valuable hidden dynamics and guided me towards meaningful, healthy solutions.

Experiencing the transformative power of systemic constellations in the business realm, I integrated this methodology into my consulting approach.

Now, I continue to offer my consulting services via Go To Market Consulting and repositioned Business Backstage to provide Systemic Constellation facilitation services to business leaders willing to explore new pathways to building better, more aligned, and energised organisations.

Drama and theatre played always a big role in my life. Acting training and practise allowed me to  integrate the power of role play into my consulting practise to support recruitment process and communication training. The transformative power of organisational theatre is well known and documented.

My clients have the choice to work in the way best suited to their needs and personal preferences.





Qualifications & Experience


  • Certified Systemic Business Constellation Practitioner
  • Certified Family Systems Constellation Practitioner
  • Master of Marketing Management (Macquarie Graduate School of Management)
  • Certified Blue Ocean Strategy Consultant (Blue Ocean Strategy Australia)
  • Graduate Diploma Counselling/Coaching (Australian College for Applied Psychology)
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner
  • Corporate Role-play design for sales scenarios, extensive acting training and experience



  • Co-Founder of Boutique Lead Generation Marketing Agency, principle consultant, campaign design/execution, sales alignment
  • Start/Scale up businesses: General Management Sales/Marketing- Interim Executive Roles in Technology sectors (SaaS and IoT) over 5 years
  • Corporate businesses: Strategic marketing and sales roles ( IBM Market Manager, Xerox – Printing Division) over 8 years
  • Business Consulting Services to develop and operationalise growth strategies (over 15 years)
  • Experience in mature hyper competitive markets (high value B2B and transactional product sales environments)
  • Greenfield and market entry experience in disruptive technologies
Certificate - Business Constellations
Certificate - Family Constellations

"I was confused and unclear what was holding my business back with regards to my service offerings, so I engaged a business constellation with Ursula. I now have clarity and new insights that I can apply in a practical way. I feel confident moving forward."

David Flakelar, Inner Performance

"Ursula's background in business makes her an amazing asset to look at the intricies of how your business is operating, she is also sensitive and very kind. I would highly recommend if you need insight into the dynamics of your business"

Kamila, White Lotus


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