About Systemic Business Constellations

The rich history, scientific foundations and evidence behind this transformative modality.

The Origins 

  • Roots in Family Constellations: Systemic business constellations trace their origins to the pioneering work of German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger in the 1970s. Initially applied in the context of family therapy, constellations quickly gained recognition for their ability to reveal hidden dynamics and facilitate resolution in complex systems.
  • Expansion into Organizational Contexts: Building upon the success of family constellations, practitioners began applying systemic principles to business and organizational settings. This evolution gave rise to systemic business constellations, a powerful tool for exploring organizational dynamics, decision-making processes, and systemic challenges.
  • Global Adoption and Recognition: Over the past few decades, systemic business constellations have gained traction worldwide, becoming increasingly integrated into organizational development, coaching, and leadership practices. Today, they stand as a cornerstone of systemic thinking and transformative change in the business world.

Scientific Discoveries

  • Emerging Field of Systemic Neuroscience: Recent advances in neuroscience have shed light on the underlying mechanisms of systemic constellations. Studies exploring phenomena such as mirror neurons, neural synchrony, and embodied cognition offer insights into how individuals perceive and interact within complex social systems.
  • Power of subconscious: Research in psychology and cognitive science suggests that more than 90% of our learning and decision-making occurs at an unconscious level. Systemic constellations provide a unique experiential platform for tapping into this implicit knowledge, bypassing cognitive biases and accessing deeper insights into organizational dynamics.
  • Quantum Physics and Systemic Dynamics: The principles of quantum physics, with their emphasis on interconnectedness, nonlinearity, and observer effects, resonate strongly with the systemic worldview. Systemic business constellations offer a tangible manifestation of these quantum principles, inviting participants to explore the entanglements and emergent properties of organizational systems.

    Why Choose Systemic Business Constellations?

    • Holistic Perspective: Systemic constellations offer a holistic lens through which to view organizational challenges, recognizing the interconnectedness of people, processes, and structures. By addressing underlying systemic dynamics, constellations provide a deeper understanding of root causes and pathways to resolution.
    • Experiential Learning: Unlike traditional consulting approaches, systemic constellations are experiential in nature, engaging participants at an emotional and intuitive level. Through embodied exploration and role-play, participants gain firsthand insights into complex issues, fostering empathy, insight, and collaboration.
    • Transformative Results: The transformative potential of systemic constellations lies in their ability to catalyze systemic shifts and breakthroughs within organizations. Whether addressing leadership transitions, team dynamics, or strategic dilemmas, constellations offer a powerful catalyst for change and growth.

    Your service options

    1:1 Facilitation:

    A confidential personal on-line or in person session takes only 1.5 to 2 hrs. Whether working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, self-employed sole trades or employees, I creates a safe and supportive space for exploration and discovery.

    Tailored Approach:

    Recognizing that not only every organization, but every problem statement is unique, every constellation addresses specific business objectives. From strategic planning and operational  performance to conflict resolution and change management, each session meets the unique needs of clients.




    Continuous Support:

    Beyond the constellation experience, I can provide ongoing support through coaching or follow-up sessions to ensure that insights gained from constellations translate into actions and sustainable implementation within the organization.

    Complementary Service:

    Go To Market Consulting is Business Backstage’ companion service provider offering traditional strategic and operational GTM enablement services.

    “When we lose touch of our intuition, we naturally become more risk-adverse and conservative. Maybe the finances all add up, and the graphs are in the green, but if it’s doesn’t feel right – it’s worth exploring those feelings and remaining willing to take risks.” Richard Branson

    "I was confused and unclear what was holding my business back with regards to my service offerings, so I engaged a business constellation with Ursula. I now have clarity and new insights that I can apply in a practical way. I feel confident moving forward."

    David Flakelar, Inner Performance

    "Ursula's background in business makes her an amazing asset to look at the intricies of how your business is operating, she is also sensitive and very kind. I would highly recommend if you need insight into the dynamics of your business"

    Kamila, White Lotus


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