We help growing B2B Technology Companies to implement their Sales Operations System

•  More Predictable Revenue Flow
•  Grow with Repeatble Sales Processes
•  Control with Strategy and Action Plan




If you are the CEO of a B2B Tech Company who wants to scale sales, Business Backstage helps you to address the top four sales challenges that stymie success:
  • opportunities don’t convert as predicted
  • profit margins are uncertain
  • high turnover of sales people
  • quarter-end is stressful and uncertain

Get more control
of your revenue growth.


   …it is a vital and dynamic Business Function, and requires a Sales Operations Methodology”

Predictable Forecasts

to gain confidence in making the number

Repeatable Sales Process

for more control over opportunity conversion

Effective Structure & Roles

for a high-performance sales engine

Clear Sales Execution

to create focus on actions and objectives.

Your Six Step Sales Operations Methodology


Business Backstage’s Sales Operations Methodology encodes over 30 years experience with more than 100 tech companies into a Six Step Methodology that provides a pragmatic pathway to build your vital Sales Operations Function.

The framework connects your strategy with tactical execution, sales with marketing and aspiration with day-to-day management. You can run Sales with more clarity, focus and gain more confidence in results.



Your Outcomes


CONNECTING Products and Markets through a comprehensive Go- to-Market strategy across direct or indirect channels.


FORMULA defining step by step the process with all stages and activities specific to your business.


CLARITY where the revenue will come from, chunking the big number into achievable, trackable targets.


ALIGNMENT between Marketing and Sales objectives for Lead Generation and buyer experience


ACCOUNTABILITY for the team defining roles, responsibilities, measures and territory definitions.


OPTIMIZE performance and increase forecast accuracy through effective sales management.

Your Choice

It can be difficult to look at your sales situation objectively when you are in the middle of it. Getting clarity where the quick wins are and how to start is essential. This unbiased deep-dive diagnostic shows you where the gaps in your sales function is, and will deliver an action plan for improvement. During structured, interactive workshops we look at the 6 key areas of Sales Operations to determine where  we can achieve greatest impact.

Typically implemented over 2-3 weeks.
Budget Estimate: $4,500  + GST
Outcome: Comprehensive report containing analysis insights and recommendations.

You may already know that what your business lacks a Sales Process Model to scale, however you may not know how to document it to make it repeatable and scalable. Cookie cutter methods seldom work and don’t give your business the competitive differentiation you are looking for. This tailored program is a series of structured workshops and captures your experience, your best way to sell, in a simple excel sheet outlining every step and activities. The Sales Process Model also serves in pipeline or opportunity reviews as a tool to determine where things are at and what to do next.

Typically implementation timeframe: 3-4 weeks
Outcome: Detailed step by step sales process captured in an excel sheet serving as roadmap for sales activities, opportunity qualification method and sales management tool.

If your business is at a turning point and you want to focus on building a scalable Sales Function, the Business Backstage method to implement Sales Operations is a clear pathway that will achieve this outcome over 3-6 months depending on the gaps we have to fill. An initial assessment will deliver a project plan to take us from A to B in a structured and disciplined way. Processes and documentation are tailored and documented on the way. The method is based on high-energy, collaborative work so that the outcome is encoding an environment tailored for your business.

Please enquire to obtain a proposal.

Meet Ursula Dauenhauer, Founder of Business Backstage:

“I love working with leaders of medium sized businesses who made the decision to make a decision and are ready for external help to  change things for the better.


There is nothing more important than straight-talk, commitment to the objective and disciplined work with a good dose of creative problem solving.


It makes my day when things simply work better, results improve, stress is reduced and the business is on the right trajectory to achieve it’s purpose.”

Your Roadmap


Your Way to Work


If you plan to apply the method yourself, and look for constructive “how-to” guidance this is the ideal option.

Bringing fresh thinking and focus, Ursula is the go-to person to constructively challenge your thinking.


If you lack bandwidth or skill sets, Ursula can drive the design and implementation of your Sales Operations project.

With single minded focus she will work with your team towards defined outcomes and deliverables.


This 6-12 mths contract based option is right if heavy lifting for the transitioning from strategy to implementation is needed.

As Interim Executive Ursula becomes an accountable part of the leadership team to make things happen.

“Only if the six Sales Operations elements are defined AND aligned can the entire function work successfully.

It is systemic. Any quick fixes in one area without managing the impact on others won’t deliver.”

Wondering where your business is right now and what to do to improve sales results?

scorecardDownload this FREE Sales Operations Scorecard.

Answering 20 questions will show you after 10 minutes where your strengths and weaknesses are

"I have great respect for Ursula’s professionalism and expertise. Her no-nonsense insightful and cut-through advice is delivered with clarity, often through an injection of disarming metaphors and humour."

Andrew Nelson, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

"Taking a refreshing, consultative approach, Ursula dug into our business, challenging all aspects of the sales process. She engaged with every member of staff in the Sales arena and delivered insights that we truly had not expected."

Marcelo Ulvert, CEO Cohort Global

"Ursula is the consummate professional, I would personally recommend her to any organisation that requires assistance with their strategic and/or sales planning and implementation."

Ross Gallagher, CEO, GuildLink Pty Ltd


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