The dynamics and interconnections within families have long been a subject of fascination and study. From sibling rivalries to parental influences, our family systems can shape the very fabric of our identities. But what if similar principles could be applied to the world of business? Enter Systemic Business Constellations, an evolution from Family Constellations, offering deeper insights into the human systems that underpin organizational dynamics.

Originating from the groundbreaking work of Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations delve into the dynamics within family systems, unveiling patterns and influences. At its core, this approach recognizes that our family systems shape our beliefs, behaviours, and relationships in ways we may not always consciously perceive.

Similarly, in the context of business, organizations often pride themselves on fostering a “family culture” – a close-knit community built on trust, loyalty, and shared values. The dynamics within these business “families” play a crucial role in shaping organisational culture and performance.

Science has shown that our experiences within our family of origin often echo throughout our lives, including our professional endeavours. Whether we’ve taken on the role of the responsible eldest child or embraced the rebellious spirit of the youngest sibling, these patterns can manifest in our work relationships and leadership styles.

Business Constellations offer a holistic view of the organizational ecosystem. By looking beyond organisational structure and hierarchy, practitioners can uncover patterns and imbalances that may be impacting performance and morale.

In senior executive teams, awareness of these dynamics is paramount. The possibility to unknowingly replicate old subconscious patterns can manifest in issues related to authority, conflict resolution, leadership and decision-making. By fostering awareness, senior leaders can recognise and work constructively with these patterns , contributing to a high performance culture of collaboration, trust, and innovation.

This is also particularly relevant in small businesses driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, where the line between personal and professional is often blurred. In these settings, the connection between human system dynamics and business operations become more pronounced. By shining a light on these underlying patterns, Business Constellations empower organizations to address root causes and foster healthier, more harmonious work environments. Leaders can cultivate a deeper understanding of team dynamics and individual motivations, leading to more effective collaboration and communication.

The evolution from Family Constellations to Business Constellations represents a new simple and fast modality to enhance our understanding of organisational dynamics. By recognizing the interconnectedness between our personal and professional lives, we gain new insights into the systemic forces at play.